A boy and his reaper

He marches around in the darkened room

And lights the candles with his fingertip

His heart lit bright as the flickering flames

As he nibbled on his rosy lip
He’s coming! He’s coming! Any minute now

He slips through the crack of the door

His shadow makes its way toward the boy

Gliding across the floor
The boy, excited, began jump and 

Cry out in glee

“I’ve waited a while but I knew you’d come!

I knew you’d come for me!”
The shadow faded as it revealed

A tall and handsome figure

With a serious face and bushy hair

With a scythe that was even bigger
The reaper with a smile on his face placed

A hand on the boys head

“Did you wait for me this entire time

Instead of just going to bed?”
“Not before I see you once more”

Replied the boy with a grin.

Said the reaper, “were you waiting 

For me to tuck you in?”
“That would be nice” the boy replied 

As he slip into his bed

As the reaper tucked him in, he leaned his face closer

But zipped away instead.


  Shitty day today so I got out of the house for a smoke. As I took a walk outside in the seemingly mid-summer heat in my favorite yet heavy as fuck hoodie, I started to think about Silver.

   Like with all my other characters who at times would be my #1 favorites and other times I would pick others over them, Silver was slowly taking up the #1 spot. I began coming up with stories throughout the entire walk (all of which I feel like I cannot form into a story. I’m that much of a shitty writer. Heck, I don’t consider myself a writer!) and as I did, I used Silver as my own persona. With the help of my amazing hoodie, I snuck off into the night as a young, silver-haired dilinquent looking for trouble. 

  Silver was not meant to be a persona of myself rather, he was inspired by an actor and then I slowly built on his personality. I made him around 10 years younger than the actor, gave him a piercing, a phrase carved into his arm, a pet rat, a shitty personality, and odd hobbies. Silver hung out with kids older than him, a bunch of shabby layabouts who thought nothing of him. He had a huge crush on the one called Cat. 

  This scenario popped in my head as I walked: The crush on Cat, buying her a kitty keychain, about to give it to her when he secretly finds her making out with Alex, another girl from the group. Him being crushed by this also came to mind. Then was the story of Chompy the Chihuahua, Silver’s pet rat. He was named after a bad joke. Chompy was large and ate anything you can imagine and he would also fetch small trinkets for Silver. 

  Another thing that came to mind was the Centifer language and Silver’s true Centifer name. His English name is Roy but his Centifer name is Aryen. His nickname is Silver in both languages. I was thinking of changing all character’s names to their Centifer names in my stories. 

  That’s pretty much it for now. The battery on my phone is dying and I have nothing more to say. Welp, see ya.

Put him in a friggen dress

Kamila rolled her eyes at the pair chattering away in her little sister Fifi’s room. Fifi invited Silver to come over and take a look at all the things she enjoys collecting. Kamila never like Silver much and felt he was filthy with his unkempt hair and his shabby clothes. It didn’t help the fact that he had a pet rat. Other than that she thought Silver had a beautiful face though she would never say it out loud especially not in front of him.

She could see why people called him Silver. His hair, despite being messy, glistened like thin silver wires. It was as though each hair was made of pure silver. And though she thought of him as dirty, his face was clean and, as she would put it, looked like the face of a porcelain doll. He had a very pale countenance and his plush lips were a dark shade of pink. His grey eyes were hidden behind dark long lashes. Silver had very girly features for a boy. Kamila was mesmerized by his strange beauty she hadn’t realized she had said it out loud.

“What?”, asked Fifi, not sure if she had heard her sister right. Kamila tried to find her voice.

“Well… just look at him! If you put him in your clothes he’d look just like a girl! You’ll never know he’s a dude!”

Fifi and Silver stared at each other for a moment.

“Please don’t tell me you’re actually considering it”, Kamila groaned. The two stayed quiet.

Kamila made went to get a drink from the kitchen and as she passed by Fifi’s room to head to her own, out of the corner of her eye she saw a Silver haired boy in a maid costume.

“The maid costume was too big on me so I let Silver try it”, Fifi explained. Kamila only stood there with her mouth gaping open. She was right. He looked like a girl. She shook her head and marched to her room. Fifi continued to accesorize her friend who didn’t seem to mind they way he was made to dress. As Fifi rummaged through all the things in her room, she noticed a pile of Silver’s dicarded clothes and sitting in the middle of the pile was a pair of black boxer briefs. She froze. Thoughts entered her mind and as she tried pushing them away her mind subconsciously began to process them: She doesn’t wear boxer briefs so these have to belong to Silver, but they are right here so that means Silver isn’t wearing them… that means Silver’s… going commando?…

Images of Silver lifting up the hem of the dress revealing himself began to flash in her mind like an old-time movie reel. She felt panic building up.

“Silver?”, she squeaked. “Are these your boxers?”

“Yeah”, he simply replied.

“Then… what are you?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m wearing underwear.”

After saying this, he immediately pulled up the bottom of the dress revealing a pair of pale green panties with a dark green ribbon on the front. Her face turned beet red. Silver had a menacing grin on his face.

“I felt like trying these on. I hope you don’t mind.”

Fifi was at a loss for words. What freaked her out even more was the two tiny bumps protruding from underneath the fabric that pressed tightly against his shaft. Silver looked down then at where she was staring realizing she was gawing at his piercing. He glanced back up at her with that same mischeivous grin.

“Did it hurt?”, she asked.

“Nah”, he replied.

Random character blabber

I have way too many characters. No story though. What does it takes to come up with a story? Argh!

Anyway, despite not having much of a story, I love talking about my characters. And so, some pointless shit about my characters and what they would be doing right now.
Silver has headphones on and he lays in bed with his hands behind his head. His room is a mess and he couldn’t be assed to tidy up lately. He lays there, losing himself in the slow rythm of his music. He is at peace now. 

I could see Jack in a dark area with Willow, Bee, and Grim. No idea what they’re up to.

Darren is on his computer looking up stuff or most likely playing a game. He takes a sip from a can and then begins to eagerly type something out. He waits for a response then sighs with relief, a small smile forming on his face.

Gavin is out getting himself a treat from that really cute cake shop a few blocks away. He couldn’t wait to get home to wolf them all down. His face is beaming with excitement.

Ike is taking a stroll through a dark wood somewhere. He seems calm. His feet crunch on dead leaves and twigs.

Fifi is organizing her eyeball button collection. She places them in a box neatly starting from the darkest colors to the lightest. She wants to use one for her shirt but these are for her shop. She fights the urge, knowing she shouldn’t have any until the new batch arrives.

Her older sister, Kamila, is on a small bridge just outside of town, leaning on the metal rail and sucking on a popsicle. She silently watches the sun set. It was breath-taking.
Well, that is it for now. These are a few of them. They are a group of kids who live in the same town watching the days go by, trying to make the most of their lives and getting into trouble and out of it over and over. A never ending cycle.

Aw, crap! I forgot Sly. Boo.

Fifi’s Curio Shop pt.2

   Peering through the window, Silver caught glimps of many things that piqued his interest: an pale-faced manniquin that seemed more like an oversized porcelain doll, a small skeleton figure, framed taxidermied butterflies and insects he’d never seen before, bottles filled with who know what. Silver did not hesitate to enter the store. 

   Inside were things that resembled what was on display at the window but more of them, some even stranger. Silver breath was caught in his throat as he gaped at all the unique objects neatly stacked on shelves. Just then the store owner comes out from a door at the back of the shop. 

   “Hello, hello!”, she chirped as she gave a small curtsey, “welcome to my humble little shop of curious things! Here we have antiques, collectibles of all sorts, things that pique one’s curiosity and things that are curios themselves.”

   The girl was short and had a petite physique. Here skin was slightly tanned and her short hair was a light shade almost white of purple. Her eyes were big and round and here face glowed with cheeriness. She wore a uniform similar to a steampunk outfit but with less gears and had a large decorated hairpin clipped to her hair. At first Silver thought she was cute, but decided she wasn’t really his type. He preferred older girls who were quiet, mature and serious. He preferred people like Cat. Actually, he preferred Cat.

   “So, you own this place?”, he asked.


   “So you must be Fifi.”

   “Yup! That’s me!”

   “Hmmm… cute place you got here.”

   “I know, right?! I mean thanks! I just opened up here. I hope people in this city will like my stuff. There was nowhere to set up the shop back home so I had to move here…”

   “Nowhere to set up the shop? Where are you from exactly?”

   The question seemed to hit a nerve seeing how she immediately offered to show him the taxidermied creatures in the store.

   “You’re not gonna tell me?”

   She gazed at him sadly.

   “Please, can I not talk about it?”


   “So… is there anything I can do for you?”

   “Do you have anything to do with ghosts and stuff here?”


   “I write this zine based on paranormal stuff. Nobody reads it though.”, Silver laughed awkwardly.

   “The Silver Paranormal, you mean?”

   “Yeah. That one.”

   “I love that zine! I’m a huge fan! I didn’t it was yours! I love your work, Mr., umm…”

   “Just call me Silver.”

   “Silver. I’m Fifi”, she said, shaking his hand.

   “I know”, he replied.

   “What do you do for a living, other than paranormal stuff, of course. How do you pay the bills?”

   Silver scratched the back of his neck. After getting fired from his last job due to reckless behavior, he hadn’t really found one yet. Fifi understood from his body language and offered him a job at the shop.

   “Are you sure?!”

   “Yeah! Besides, I know you will love it here.”

Fifi’s Curio Shop

   Silver’s fingers tapped rapidly against the keys of his laptops keyboard as he passionately typed the latest story for his zine – his very own self-published miniature magazine that is put together in a rushed and amateur fashion. A grin spread across his face as he almost finished the final page of this issue of The Silver Pocket Zine on the Paranormal (a huge name for a pamphlet so small). When he first started out, he didn’t have the adequate paper size to fold into a regular sized magazine but later on he grew to like the size. He stretched his arms above him as the printer noisily printed out his work. Silver felt weary from sitting in his chair all day he decided he might as well leave the assembly part later. He peeled himself off his chair, his muscles ached as he did so, and headed out for a stroll.

   Silver trudge the same old street. Everything seemed similar as always: same cats, same cars parked, same pavements and trees and stores. Silver froze in place once he felt something was off. He turned his head and there it was: a brand new curio store.

Caveten Cabo

   There is a particular cafe not marked on any map, not located in any part of the world, but there can only be one way to enter it and that is through a dream. You literally have to be asleep and dreaming to find it and for most people it is found by chance. Some people however have the ability to enter and leave however they please.

   You will know if you come across the cafe from it’s large and obvious sign written in Centifer:

            Caveten Cabo
   Cafe Nightmare. You push the door and enter. The ambience is inviting and you sit at a table. There is a faint smell of coffee and something else but you don’t care what. You are too busy enjoying yourself. The cute waitress serves you your drink, smiles sweetly then turns around and shuffles away. It’s exactly what you ordered, rather it is  what you would’ve ordered if ordering something was necessary. In this cafe your thoughts are not privatized, unfortunately, but that’s okay, you have  nothing to hide.

   You take a sip. It has a pleasant taste which is difficult to describe but you love it anyhow. 

   You look around and you begin to notice the cafe is empty except for three people excluding the waitress and barista. Two of them were a child and a man. They were talking to each other but you can’t hear what they are saying. You can’t read their thoughts either but you don’t bother questioning this. There is also another man sitting in the dark corner of the cafe. There is smoke around him but he doesn’t seem to be smoking. You think you recognize this man. Do you? Do you really? Or don’t you? You have not met him but… why does he seem familiar? You try to push this strange feeling away. You try to enjoy the moment before you wake up.


   I have been noticing Sly seeming pretty bummed out these days, even more so than usual. He looks stressed and hasn’t slept in ages. Despite his tired out appearance, he did his best to keep his smile and I admire him for that. He used to rarely smile and even now he still isn’t exactly all smiles and cheeriness but once you get to know him you can tell if he’s happy. 

   He is always happy around his friends. However, lately he seems tired. I thought maybe it might be a good idea to cheer him up, so I made him a cup of my favorite tea. It’s always been a great pick-me-up for when I’m down. 

   I knocked on the door to his office before barging in. He was resting his head on his desk and, taking a good look at him, I could’ve sworn he had bags under his eyes. I knew why. Everyone knew why. Everyone knew about Sly’s “mission”. 

   “I made you some tea”, I said, placing a steaming mug down onto his desk.

   “Thanks”, he mumbled, not opening his eyes. He barely moved after that. He looked almost dead. I don’t know but at the moment I thought small talk would be a good idea rather than just leave him alone. 

   “You know, the tea I made, it’s a really expensive and rare kind of tea. I’m lucky I got my hands on this bag. A friend got it for me this time.”

   Sly paid no attention to me. I continued to talk.

   “It’s from this fancy teahouse called The Elysian TeaHouse. The tea leaves themselves are super sweet but I like adding spices and milk when I’m brewing them just so I can, you know, balance out the flavor and give it a bit of a kick.”

   Still no response from him.

  “Well, give it a try”, I coaxed, “Hope you like it.”

   He sluggishly raised his head, pulled the mug close to him and took a sip. I watched as his face froze for a moment. His expression showed he was savoring the flavor of the tea. After a brief moment he finally said, “It’s good”. I was brimming with delight. And I was even happier when I heard him say, “Thanks, Remy”.

Feeling feverish. 

Been sick all day. 

Wrapped myself in my quilt.

My drink was on the nightstand, half finished, I couldn’t finish the rest.

My book lay on my lap, spread open, pages face down, half finished, I couldn’t finish the rest.

My head pounded. 

My body trembled.

When will this sickness go away.

Coming and going of nausea.

A shadow creeps along my bedroom floor. I know who’s it is but I don’t know what they will do.

Not now. Please. I’m too exhausted.