The cat p.2

   A week after taking the poor tabby to the vet, who prescribe a ton of medication, and keeping a close eye on it, the little kitten was doing better than ever and was able to cope with having a leg missing. They named her Mitzi and they kept her at Sly’s place where he treated her with all the love and care he could give it.

   One day a close friend of theirs dropped by and they decided to show off Mitzi and how big and strong she had gotten. Darren, upon seeing the kitten, backed away.

   “You don’t like cats?”, Gavin asked.

   “It’s not that. I just…”, his voice trailed off.

   The cat brought back a painful memory of a certain white kitten that made him grimace. Sly and Gavin decided it was best not to question how Darren felt about cats. After the two stepped out of the living room to get snacks from the kitchen, they came back to find Darren teasing the cat with a lengthy piece of string.

   “Maybe he really likes cats”, Gavin smiled.

   Jack, on the other hand, seemed unimpressed by her. A good look at his face revealed slight disappointment.

   “How long are you planning on keeping her?”, he asked.

   “Until forever”, Gavin replied, “Do you not like her or something?”

   “No, no, it’s just-”

   “If anyone’s got a problem with Mitzi then they gotta answer to me!”, said Gavin puffing out his chest defiantly.

   “That’s not what I meant!”

   “Well, what did you mean?”, asked Sly.

   Darren stepped up to Jack and said, “If we don’t like your answer we will get violent.”

   He was joking, of course, and they all began to flex their muscle and strike menancing poses. Jack sighed.

   “Just take good care of her, okay? And keep a very close eye on her.”

   “Oh, you know we will!”, said Gavin in a chipper tone.

The cat

   Gavin sat at a table by the window at a local cafe, sipping on his iced tea absent-mindedly while listening to faint melodies coming from the speakers. He liked this cafe; it was cozy and not too far from home. The street on the way had lots of interesting shops making the walk to the cafe worth it.
   The bell hung above the door to the cafe jingled as a customer stepped in. Gavin payed no mind to any of this until the person sat in the seat on front of him with his trademark sly grin plastered on his face. Recognizing this man, he couldn’t stop himself smiling from ear to ear.

   “Sly! How’s it been!? It’s been a while since I’ve last seen you!”

   “It’s just four weeks”, Sly replied.

   “Four weeks! A month! That’s a long time!”

   “I don’t think so.”

   Sly ordered a coffee and the two began chatting away. The sun was about to set when they left the cafe. They walked down down the street when all of a sudden Gavin squealed, “Cuteness!”

   Sly turned his head to where Gavin was pointing only to a tiny orange and white tabby kitten with a filthy coat and a missing leg and gasped.

   “It’s hurt!”

   Gavin rushed to get a better look at the cat and his heart immediately broke. The poor creature’s weak mewling almost brought the two to tears.

   “We gotta do something!”, Gavin whimpered, “We gotta take it to the vet or something!”

   Sly nodded and asked Gavin to remove the button up shirt he wore on top of his dark grey tee. Gavin obliged and hand it over to him. With the shirt in this hands, Sly slowly approached the kitten that was backing away at the sight of him, and in one fell swoop Sly captured the kitten and wrapped it tightly in a bundle.

“How’s your fever? Are you feeling better?”

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“Did you take your medicine? Have eaten yet?”

“Look, you don’t have to fuss over me. I’m fine, okay?”

Gavin had been sick and Jack couldn’t help but fret. It was no big deal but Jack is the type to take things way to seriously. He had a tendancy to go around fussing over things that wasn’t any of his business. Not only did this get one people’s nerves but acting all serious is what makes him frequently get picked on. Gavin would constantly remind him of how he needs to learn to lay back and chill every now and again, and Willow gets in the way of his work and his errands simply to tease him just to see him get riled up (and he gets riled up so easily). But Grim is the absolute worst of anyone Jack has ever met.

Grim was a downright bully. He never pulled back punches and Jack was currently his favorite target. He sees Jack as a man who thinks he’s better off than the rest and that his serious-minded attitude is all a facade. Grim also finds the Jack’s lack of patience amusing as well as how, at times, he may be naive when it comes to certain things. Jack simply puts up with everyone as best as he can.


He pushed his hands into the soil and focused really hard, so hard his face turned red. He clenched his fists in the dirt. His head was about to explode and a bit of snot trickled down his right nostril. His brows furrowed and his face was dotted with sweat. Then it happened. A tiny green sprout popped out of the mound of soil and he chuckled with glee.

“Whew! Well, at least that’s done and over with. I still have a long way to go but at least I started somewhere.”

And he stood up in the empty wasteland ready to make more sprouts.

Just another day…

12.30 noon – Gavin wakes up. He wakes up late these days.
1.00 – Stays in bed and stares at the ceiling.
1.45 – Has breakfast.
2.25 – Takes a shower.
3.00 – Still in the shower. His mind is blank and he lost track of time.
3.30 – Steps out of the shower and puts on clothes. Goes back to laying in bed.
4.00 – Still in bed wondering why things aren’t the way they used to be.
6.00 – Feeling hungry but is too lethargic to go and get some food.
6.15 – Jack knocks on Gavin’s door then sneaks his way into the apartment. He sees Gavin laying in bed and says, “I’m glad I dropped by. I was worried about you. Have you eaten? Let’s go put food in you.”
6.30 – Gavin is dragged out of his home to go get dinner. Barely eats.
7.00 – Gavin returns home with Jack. He feels glum and wouldn’t speak.
7.25 – Gavin’s home. Jack asks if anything is wrong. Gavin keeps avoiding the question. Jack tells Gavin to hang in there.
8.00 – Gavin is pretending to watch T.V. The T.V is switched off and he is staring blankly at the screen. His mind is blank and he feels nothing. He stays like this for an hour.
9.00 – Gavin goes to bed. He lays in bed but doesn’t sleep. He begs for sleep but it wouldn’t come. He stays like this until 2 in the morning.
2.00 – Gavin is asleep. He has no dreams. Even in his sleep he is exhausted. 
The sun will rise and the day will repeat itself.

Let’s talk about Gavin

Let’s talk about Gavin, the kid that recently moved here. The messy haired kid with the impish face. Let’s talk about him.

Let’s talk about his tattoos. He had his whole body covered right? Wow. How many sessions did that take? Did it hurt? Did he cry? I bet he cried.

Last time I saw him was with that hoodie kid. Come to think of it, hoodie kid also had a full body tattoo, didn’t he? Are they hanging out now? And who’s that other guy? The older looking one with purple hair? Wasn’t there also the small blond kid?

Let’s talk about Gavin and how he set that house on fire. Sure, it was abandoned but arson’s still a crime, isn’t it? They found him at the house when it was burning. They say evidence points to someone else and he is actually innocent. I dunno. He looks like the guy that would do something like that. I mean, look at him! Tattoos, messy hair, creepy grin. Doesn’t he look like a guy who would do that?

Let’s talk about that kid. I know it’s been a while. He moved out. Good riddance. If I see him back here, I’ll just avoid him. Or ask him about the house he burnt. Is he ever coming back?

Let’s talk about him. He’s older now. Handsome. Found himself a nice girl. He lost his tattoos now. I don’t know how but there are scars where they used to be. He still smiles a lot but his smiles seem like they hide pain. His eyes seem more tired. He still smiles though. Oh, did you know? He took over his mom’s bake shop. It’s a bakery and patisserie all rolled into one. I hear he used to be terrible at baking but quickly got the hang of it. His stuff is really good

… He couldn’t have started the fire. He’s such a nice kid. I’m sorry I doubted him…


There was a slight chill in the air. It was evening and the world was grey. Few people were rushing in the streets at this hour. Usually it’s a pretty busy town and the bustling of people made the laid-back kids stand out among the crowd.  It’s as though one had to keep up with the majority’s pace of their everyday busy life and if you don’t it’s kind of hard for people not to notice. But it’s not as though there was some kind of separation in this town. If you wanted to take it slow then you may as well it slow. Everyone is too busy to judge the other in this grey city.

Darren was one of the kids that moved on their own pace. Today, he was out to to grab a bite to eat and is now returning home. He was lost in thought as he marched down the street. The sounds of the city- the tapping of feet, the low humming made from chatter, the faint swooshing sound made from cars passing by- were all muffled and drowned out by the sound of the thoughts in his head. The only sound that managed to catch his attention, that single out-of-place sound, was a small, faint mewing. The sound made him stop in his tracks.

It came from the alley. He turn his head to where the sound came from. The alley was dark but it wasn’t Darren’s first time hiding out in such places. He entered the alley and began to investigate when a tiny white kitten covered in dirt staggered up to him. From its cry and its visible ribs it was very obvious that it was starving. Darren’s chest began to ache. He swallowed the lump in his throat. The kitten bravely approached him. No. It wasn’t out of bravery, it was out of desperation seeing as it had no one else to go to.

It meowed again and again and opened its mouth wide hoping it would recieve something to satisfy its hunger. Begging to drink from a teat of any mother cat, the kitten resorted to try sucking on Darren’s index finger. Darren gazed at the cat with his mouth gaping thinking, how could anyone leave a poor kitten like this? The cat finally manage to wrap its mouth around Darren’s finger. It was then a strong surge of electricty shot out from Darren’s finger and within a few seconds ended all of the tiny kitten’s suffering. 

Unable to fathom what had just happened, Darren stared at the kitten laying still on the ground. After a moment of shock, he began to panic and began to shake and poke the creature in a poor attempt to revive it. It was no use.  He didn’t know what to do so he just left it there. He hurried home, choking back on tears until he got to his room where he broke down saying, ‘I did this’ over and over.

Red dots

She was a young and energetic woman who brightented up the world around her. She tore away the gloom around others whenever they sensed her presence. And he was madly in love with her.

Every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday afternoons Nancy was often seen frolicking in the park, ducking between the trees and her husband Jeremy would chase after her. They made a such a wonderful pair who were the happiest just being in each others presence that some folk felt envious seeing the two together.

Jeremy and Nancy both took a stroll in the park as they usually do but this time Jeremy had noticed that the spring in her step has gone. She shuffled behind him quietly. He aked her if anything was wrong and she said she was fine. Maybe it was just a bad day, he thought. But later on he began to notice her energy had not returned. She seem tired no matter how little she did that day. But nothing worried him more than her sudden fever. 

It was nothing more than a fever but he had a lingering feeling that it could be something else. He tried to convince himself it was nothing more than a mild sickness. But the fever would come and go and he had noticed his wife would have coughing fits. It was during a certain moment all hope had left him. He was in the kitchen when his poor wife Nancy was about to come in after him and that was when he had heard her cough. Loud, painful coughs echoed in the hall and suddenly the tapping of his feet as he rushed to his wife. That was when he saw her hunched over, unable to stop, coughing until red dots covered the floor beneath her. That was when he felt as if some evil force had wrapped its hands around his throat.

Jeremy had already known of tuberculosis, the incurable disease at the time, and dispaired at the thought of having to watch Nancy suffer for so long then lose her forever. He rapidly paced outside her room, his fist clenched, seething at the idea she might actually have the disease. She can’t. He can’t lose her, she was the only one for him. Irreplacable. The only person who could ever understand him, his source of hope. He would gladly have tuberculosis instead of her. He would suffer pain and anguish in her place without hesitation if it meant keeping her alive.

His breathing was rapid and audible as he began to gnash his teeth against his findertips, tearing at them savagely. His knees began to quiver and his head spun as he glared at random objects in the hall- the clock, the paintings, the chair- in a hostile manner. He felt unable to stabilize his breathing. His chest felt tight, his head felt like it was being struck with a hammer repeatedly, and suddenly there was nausea. No. Not on the carpet. Not yet. Not on the carpet. Calm down.

He heard the door of Nancy’s room. The doctor came out.

‘I’m sorry’, he said but the words sounded jumbled up to Jeremy who made his way toward him with a dumb expression on his face as he hadn’t understood anything at all.

‘She has it’, the doctor added.

‘What?!’, Jeremy tried to shout but it came out more like a high pitched squeak. He quickly dashed to her door only to be stopped.

‘You can’t! She’s contagious!’, the doctor cried. Jeremy struggled to get out his grasp.

‘I don’t care! Let me see her! I demand to see her at once!’

The door flew open and in came Jeremy running to his beloved wife. He wrapped his arms around her, crying, refusing to let go or he might just lose her.

‘Oh, Nancy’, he whimpered, ‘Oh, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy.’

He tried to kiss her. She pushes him away.

‘Jeremy, no. I’m sick.’

‘I don’t care! I don’t care! Let me have some of it too! So you won’t have to suffer alone! Let me have some of it too!’

‘No, Jeremy.’

‘I don’t want to lose you. I want to be there with you. Forever! So let me! Please! Please!’


Everything went silent until she spoke again.

‘I know you hate it and I hate it as much as you. But what can we do? These things have to happen. I’m not sure why… it’s just what my mother has always told me. Some things just have to happen whether we like it or not. But you must stay strong! You must! So here is what I want from you: I want you to be strong and happy, for my sake. And visit the park every often like we used to. For my sake. Even when I’m not there. Can you do that for me?’

Jeremy couldn’t say anything. She waited for an answer but the very second he opened his mouth, a sob escaped his throat. 

‘Please, Nancy, don’t go! Don’t go!’, he wailed as he buried his head in her lap. There he stayed, blubbering like a child for what seemed an eternity.

Falling asleep in front of the T.V.

An ad was currently playing on television. The light pouring out from the t.v. screen lit up the room with various flashing colors. He was already asleep, his mouth gaping open and his head tossed back on one of the cushions on his couch. Ever since he moved here he hadn’t had much to do. His life barely had much meaning to it. He felt empty and at times wondered if going back home would change things. No, he can’t go back home. There’s nothing for him there.

He shifted on the couch and began to snore. A movie was now playing. It was a war movie but what does it matter? He was too busy sleeping. The faint screams of the civilians and the soldiers yelling as the world around them exploded barely made him stir. He slept in the clothes he went out with earlier in the day. Couldn’t be bothered to change. Whatever.

Gavin (p3)


‘In a couple of weeks’

‘Why didn’t you say so earlier? We could’ve hung out more!’

‘I don’t know’, mumbled Gavin as he began to pick at a tiny plant near the root of a tree they were sitting under.

‘Well, we can hang out more starting from right now. We’ll write a list of all the things we wanna do together and try to cross them all out before the day you leave. And the guys could join in too!’

Ren glanced at Gavin who was at there silently still picking at the plant. The distant gazed in the kid’s eyes made Ren feel concerned. He asked him if he was okay.

‘I don’t wanna go.’

Ren thought for a moment.

‘Tell your parents that!’

Gavin let go of the tiny plant and raised his head to stare at Ren, his eyes widened as if Ren had blurted out something completely insane.

‘Tell your parents you’re not moving’, Ren repeated, ‘Tell them you don’t want to and if they ask where you’re going to live just tell them you’ll be staying with me.’

Gavin’s head drooped.

‘They’ll say no. I just know it. They’ll say no’, he whined.

‘How do you know? You never asked them yet!’, replied Ren, his voice still chipper as ever.

‘Ren! They’ll  never say yes! They won’t let me move in with you! That was a really stupid idea.’

His voice showed obvious irritation. Ren watch as Gavin went back to picking at the plant only this time he plucked it straight out of the earth. His hand then began to claw at the dirt as a way of trying to let out pent up frustration but failing as he was only getting more and more upset. What could be said to cheer him up?

‘I’m sure it’s not so bad! I mean you can go back and see what changed since you’ve been here.’

It didn’t work. The boy was still pouting and tearing at the earth.

‘You can see new people and go to places and you can tell me all about them. We can be penpals! If you move you we can totally be offically penpals! We can write letters-‘

‘I don’t wanna go!’, Gavin cried out in frustration. ‘I don’t wanna be penpals! I don’t wanna write letters! I don’t wanna go! It’s not fair.’

‘I’m sure it’s not going to be that bad’

‘It will be! I know it!’

Ren made that list anyway and soon announced to Ray, Rai, Maya and Mey about Gavin’s situation and how he wanted to do something for him. They all agreed to help and along with Gavin tried their hardest to cross out every item on that list. And even though they were unable to finish all the tasks they still had a great time and the dark cloud hovering over Gavin’s head would lift and disappear for a while. And to see his odd smile return to his face left them with a refreshing feeling. And then summer came.

It was unusual for the gang. It felt like something was missing and it was hard to put a finger on it but it really wasn’t. Gavin was going and it felt like things are thrown off balance. At first they all anticipated his return but after some days they acknowledged the fact that he had gone away for good. The feeling especially lingered with Ren. It was very hard to forget about the kid who spent most days adventuring with him. It was also very difficult to forget the face of the strange young boy with the dark eyes and dirty-blond hair that stuck out in all directions and that weird lopsided grin.