Everything is the same

“Everything is the same. Nothing ever changes. Day in and day out. All the same. Why can’t we have any big events? Things to look foreward to.”

“I’m sure that’s not true. There’s plenty to look foreward to as well as big events. You just don’t take part.”

“There aren’t any events! Everything is boring as fuck! This town is so fucking dull.”

“I think it’s pretty neat.”

“Yeah, well, you’re pretty boring too. Just like everything out there.”

“You think everything is boring? Then do something about it! Entertain yourself.”

“How? There’s literally nothing to do.”

“You think your life is boring, huh? You think that every day is the same? How about you do my job from sunrise to sunset and for as long as I have and then tell me whether or not your life is boring and repeated, you ungrateful little shit. You complain about being unfulfilled and yet you barely get off your fucking ass to do anything about it! How about you shut the fuck up and do something for a change instead of bitching and whining. I have work to go”


I look up at him and his eyes shown disappointment

We had made a deal and I couldn’t keep my end

Of the bargain and now there was a kind of sadness,

A result of constantly finding rules to bend.