He marches around in the darkened room

And lights the candles with his fingertip

His heart lit bright as the flickering flames

As he nibbled on his rosy lip
He’s coming! He’s coming! Any minute now

He slips through the crack of the door

His shadow makes its way toward the boy

Gliding across the floor
The boy, excited, began jump and 

Cry out in glee

“I’ve waited a while but I knew you’d come!

I knew you’d come for me!”
The shadow faded as it revealed

A tall and handsome figure

With a serious face and bushy hair

With a scythe that was even bigger
The reaper with a smile on his face placed

A hand on the boys head

“Did you wait for me this entire time

Instead of just going to bed?”
“Not before I see you once more”

Replied the boy with a grin.

Said the reaper, “were you waiting 

For me to tuck you in?”
“That would be nice” the boy replied 

As he slip into his bed

As the reaper tucked him in, he leaned his face closer

But zipped away instead.


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