Kamila rolled her eyes at the pair chattering away in her little sister Fifi’s room. Fifi invited Silver to come over and take a look at all the things she enjoys collecting. Kamila never like Silver much and felt he was filthy with his unkempt hair and his shabby clothes. It didn’t help the fact that he had a pet rat. Other than that she thought Silver had a beautiful face though she would never say it out loud especially not in front of him.

She could see why people called him Silver. His hair, despite being messy, glistened like thin silver wires. It was as though each hair was made of pure silver. And though she thought of him as dirty, his face was clean and, as she would put it, looked like the face of a porcelain doll. He had a very pale countenance and his plush lips were a dark shade of pink. His grey eyes were hidden behind dark long lashes. Silver had very girly features for a boy. Kamila was mesmerized by his strange beauty she hadn’t realized she had said it out loud.

“What?”, asked Fifi, not sure if she had heard her sister right. Kamila tried to find her voice.

“Well… just look at him! If you put him in your clothes he’d look just like a girl! You’ll never know he’s a dude!”

Fifi and Silver stared at each other for a moment.

“Please don’t tell me you’re actually considering it”, Kamila groaned. The two stayed quiet.

Kamila made went to get a drink from the kitchen and as she passed by Fifi’s room to head to her own, out of the corner of her eye she saw a Silver haired boy in a maid costume.

“The maid costume was too big on me so I let Silver try it”, Fifi explained. Kamila only stood there with her mouth gaping open. She was right. He looked like a girl. She shook her head and marched to her room. Fifi continued to accesorize her friend who didn’t seem to mind they way he was made to dress. As Fifi rummaged through all the things in her room, she noticed a pile of Silver’s dicarded clothes and sitting in the middle of the pile was a pair of black boxer briefs. She froze. Thoughts entered her mind and as she tried pushing them away her mind subconsciously began to process them: She doesn’t wear boxer briefs so these have to belong to Silver, but they are right here so that means Silver isn’t wearing them… that means Silver’s… going commando?…

Images of Silver lifting up the hem of the dress revealing himself began to flash in her mind like an old-time movie reel. She felt panic building up.

“Silver?”, she squeaked. “Are these your boxers?”

“Yeah”, he simply replied.

“Then… what are you?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m wearing underwear.”

After saying this, he immediately pulled up the bottom of the dress revealing a pair of pale green panties with a dark green ribbon on the front. Her face turned beet red. Silver had a menacing grin on his face.

“I felt like trying these on. I hope you don’t mind.”

Fifi was at a loss for words. What freaked her out even more was the two tiny bumps protruding from underneath the fabric that pressed tightly against his shaft. Silver looked down then at where she was staring realizing she was gawing at his piercing. He glanced back up at her with that same mischeivous grin.

“Did it hurt?”, she asked.

“Nah”, he replied.


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