I have way too many characters. No story though. What does it takes to come up with a story? Argh!

Anyway, despite not having much of a story, I love talking about my characters. And so, some pointless shit about my characters and what they would be doing right now.
Silver has headphones on and he lays in bed with his hands behind his head. His room is a mess and he couldn’t be assed to tidy up lately. He lays there, losing himself in the slow rythm of his music. He is at peace now. 

I could see Jack in a dark area with Willow, Bee, and Grim. No idea what they’re up to.

Darren is on his computer looking up stuff or most likely playing a game. He takes a sip from a can and then begins to eagerly type something out. He waits for a response then sighs with relief, a small smile forming on his face.

Gavin is out getting himself a treat from that really cute cake shop a few blocks away. He couldn’t wait to get home to wolf them all down. His face is beaming with excitement.

Ike is taking a stroll through a dark wood somewhere. He seems calm. His feet crunch on dead leaves and twigs.

Fifi is organizing her eyeball button collection. She places them in a box neatly starting from the darkest colors to the lightest. She wants to use one for her shirt but these are for her shop. She fights the urge, knowing she shouldn’t have any until the new batch arrives.

Her older sister, Kamila, is on a small bridge just outside of town, leaning on the metal rail and sucking on a popsicle. She silently watches the sun set. It was breath-taking.
Well, that is it for now. These are a few of them. They are a group of kids who live in the same town watching the days go by, trying to make the most of their lives and getting into trouble and out of it over and over. A never ending cycle.

Aw, crap! I forgot Sly. Boo.


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