There is a particular cafe not marked on any map, not located in any part of the world, but there can only be one way to enter it and that is through a dream. You literally have to be asleep and dreaming to find it and for most people it is found by chance. Some people however have the ability to enter and leave however they please.

   You will know if you come across the cafe from it’s large and obvious sign written in Centifer:

            Caveten Cabo
   Cafe Nightmare. You push the door and enter. The ambience is inviting and you sit at a table. There is a faint smell of coffee and something else but you don’t care what. You are too busy enjoying yourself. The cute waitress serves you your drink, smiles sweetly then turns around and shuffles away. It’s exactly what you ordered, rather it is  what you would’ve ordered if ordering something was necessary. In this cafe your thoughts are not privatized, unfortunately, but that’s okay, you have  nothing to hide.

   You take a sip. It has a pleasant taste which is difficult to describe but you love it anyhow. 

   You look around and you begin to notice the cafe is empty except for three people excluding the waitress and barista. Two of them were a child and a man. They were talking to each other but you can’t hear what they are saying. You can’t read their thoughts either but you don’t bother questioning this. There is also another man sitting in the dark corner of the cafe. There is smoke around him but he doesn’t seem to be smoking. You think you recognize this man. Do you? Do you really? Or don’t you? You have not met him but… why does he seem familiar? You try to push this strange feeling away. You try to enjoy the moment before you wake up.


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