– Hey! Look, Gav! Wait, do you mind if I call you Gav?

– Sure. Jack calls me that all the time.

– Actually, I learned that from Jack.

– Really? You a friend of his?

– Yeah, sorta. I mean, yeah.

– Cool!

– So, yeah, I made a doll that looks like you. Here, look!

– Awww! You made this? It’s amazing! But why is there rope hanging around my neck? It makes me seem like I’m being hanged to death.

– Oh, well, I kinda like morbid stuff- you know, with me being a reaper and all. Comes with the job. Anyway, I thought the noose was nice touch. I didn’t mean to imply I wanted you dead or anything! I mean, I really like you and I’d feel pretty bad if you died. I even checked my schedules to see if I’d reap your soul one day and I’m glad it’s not me!

– If it were you, would you still reap my soul?

– …It’s my job…

– Alright, if a reaper were to take me, would you stop them?

– Gavin, you know I can’t do that.

– Ask them nicely?

– Alright. That’s okay. I get it. I was only messing with ya.

– …I’m sorry

– It’s fine! I’m not mad or anything. That’s just the way things’ve gotta be, right? Who can help it?

– Right! Well, let’s think positive and talk about happy things before you pass away! Come on! Pick a happy topic!

– You make it seem like I’ll die in five minutes.

– You might die in five minutes.

– Please don’t ruin my mood.

– Sorry.


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