WARNING: Vulgar language.

   “There is no Arin!”, Max yelled as he pushed Sly to the ground. “There is no Arin! He died! Hell, he never even existed so stop wasting your time and give up!”

   Max snatched the letters from Sly was holding and tore them up as the red-eyed blond stared helplessly.

   “What are you doing?! Those are from Lucien!”

   “I don’t care!”

   “Stop! I need to give those to Arin!”

   “Fuck Arin!”, Max screamed. He continued to rip up the letters until he felt a fist collide with his face and he fell, curled up on the floor. He slowly sat himself up and as pain spread across his face, he semi-consciously put his hand on his jaw and stared at Sly standing above him, his eyes wide with shock. As the pain grew, rage built up in his body and he immediately jumped to his feet trying to attack Sly who constantly dodged his attacks. Since fighting didn’t work, Max snatched the sack carrying all the letters Sly had and flung it at him.

   “You know what? Take your stupid fucking letters to fucking Arin!”, he shouted as he marched off. He stopped in his tracks to spit out more of his rage. “You’ll fall down dead before you fucking find him, you angel-beast wannabe! Piece of shit, fucking human nobody! I hope you find out the truth one day, it’ll shock you so bad you’ll kill yourself! You know what else? Lucien doesn’t even give a fucking shit about you!”

   And with that he stormed off. Sly fell to his knees in a pile of torn up letters. His eyes began to water and before he knew it he was sobbing. It took him three fucking years to try and find this Arin guy to deliver the letters from Lucien, his mentor and and individual he strongly idolizes, only to have them torn apart in front of his face. And now the guy he considered his closest friend- no, a brother- walked out on him screaming profanities at him as though he didn’t care what Sly went through.

   “Fucking angel-beast wannabe! Piece of shit fucking human nobody!”

   Sly had been called a wannabe or a fake or pretender. He was even told he was trying to be something else because was a failure at being who he is. They bugged him but he shrugged them off. However, coming from Max’s mouth, the words cut him deep.

   “I hope you find out the truth one day, it’ll shock you so bad, it’ll kill you!”

   Sly sobbed harder. His best friend just told him he hoped Sly would kill himself. He never thought he’d hear those words from Max. He felt like he had lost everything. He felt his life no longer had meaning, no purpose. Everything he worked hard for turned to nothing. He just sat there in the piles of paper crying his eyes out.


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