The time of year when the air is hot and sticky and iced tea tastes so much sweeter and it cools you down during the summer heat. He calls it ‘Iced Tea Weather’. Gavin knows how to make his own iced tea but the one at the cafe is always better, plus the ambience adds to the whole experience of having a chilled glass of tea and daydreaming of random things.

But it’s not just summer. Fall, his favorite time of year is also iced tea weather season. The coldness of the drink adds to the chill or so he says. However, he calls this weather ‘Fizzy Juice Weather’, a weather made for fruit juice mixed with sparkling water. He mostly drinks still iced tea though so technically he’s cheating.
It’s summer now and he is walk home at sunset. He enters his apartment and flops down on the living room couch. There are several empty boxes from take out food he ordered and he hadn’t bothered cleaning them up. The past two weeks had been lonely and dull. According to him, everything was wrong. He even stopped visiting his favorite cafe.

Laying on the couch, he still could faintly taste the overly sweet taste of the canned iced tea he just bought earlier. 

“I should make me some good iced tea”, Gavin said to himself, “It is iced tea weather after all.”


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