New Year’s Death Trap

I know I have been bitching about not finding a topic to write about and now I do but I didn’t ask for a crazy event to strike so close right next to me. I’m sure you have heard and if you haven’t then let me inform you about a certain fire that struck in Dubai. I am staying in a hotel somewhere in the area next to The Address Dubai (the burning building). It happened so suddenly. My family and I decided to celebrate New Year’s inside our room instead of standing around for hours among crowds. We were minding our own business when my sister cried out, “Look, mom! Fire!”
We didn’t panic. The fire was tiny. It started out small but it only took a matter of minutes before the flames climbed up the building. It started on the 20th floor, I suppose, then quickly reached the tip of the building, dying the sky a dark hellish red. Black smoke filled the red sky and the tower was swallowed by yellow and orange flames. It was terrifying. My younger brother broke down in tears after seeing it. He crept away from the window and wept and watching him broke my heart. It was 9 pm when it started. It kept going until after 1 am. A fire that started in 2015 and ended in 2016 as my father put it. I rarely see fires like this so I’m shaken.
We paid attention to the news. No reports of casualties. The building on tv looked like it only burned on one side which is good. Looking through the window, it seemed the entire building was engulf by fire, inside and out. An illusion, perhaps? Come to think of it, I did see the building melt but that was a distortion cause by black smoke camoflaging the building against the night sky.
Hours passed the fire fighters where already attempting to put out the fire.  Things finally seemed to calm down a bit when the veranda where the fire started burst into gigantic flames again. An hour before the New Year’s countdown, there were three or four of those explosions in similar parts of the building. Everytime the fire died down, and explosion revived it. On the third blast, a new serpent of fire snaked it’s way up the side of the building at the same speed of the initial fire only this time it was on the left side of the building instead of front.
They New Year’s fireworks show was still held and everyone cheered and rejoiced. People are still partying. They really look at the positive aspect of life unlike myself who is fretting over the lives of the fire brigade who had to work for four hours in a burning hotel. I wonder when the fire will go out completely. I also want to know what started it.


The Climax

“You’re a failure”
“I know”
“You’re a failure at everything”
“I know”
“You’ll never write a good story”
“I know”
“You have a set of characters but no plot or actual story!”
“I know. I’m planning to wait it out. Maybe just write about nothing and a story will just happen? They said it’ll come to me.”
“And did it? That’s what you get when you take advice from people who don’t even write! So what’ll you do now?”
“I’ll wait until something happens”
“Oh, you’ll just wait? Ok. Great.
…. Why are you playing with dick?”
“Why not?”
“Put that away!”
“No. I need inspiration”
“How will this inspire you?!”
“I will reach the climax eventually”
“Ugh… Listen, why don’t you just read a book or something?”
“I don’t want to read. I want to play with my dick”
“Well, don’t do it in front of me!”
“You’re a figment of my imagination so it’s not like we can actually be separated”
“Then unimagine me!”
“No, but I’ll imagine you as a woman. That’ll make it more exciting for me”
“Great. Now I’m going to be a woman…  baa?!”
“Hee hee hee. I turned you into a sheep!”
“Baa ba baaa babaa?”
“No, I’m not. I just find this funny. Hmm… I’m in the mood for boobs. Now, you have boobs were your eyes are!”
“Baaaa?! Baaaaa baaaaaaaa?!”
“And a penis for a nose! Ha ha ha! And now a scrawy human figure is crawling out of your back!”
“Aaaaaaaargh! Baaaa!”
“Ahahahaha!!! Oh dear lord what have I done?”